Recent additions to our library

We have three new additions to our club library:

The Go Companion – Go in History and Culture – by John Fairbairn and T Mark Hall
Brilliance/Power – Jowa’s ‘Ghost Moves’ Destroy Intetsu/Honinbo Shusai Defends the Nihon Ki-in – also by John Fairbairn
Modern Masters Vol 1. – Michael Redmond 9 dan comments on Three Pro Games

As a … [More]

Video Go Lectures and More

A new resource on the ‘net that has lately come to our attention is EuroGoTV.  There are some great video lectures from professional players on many different subjects, photo galleries and news.  Live coverage of selected European tournaments is also available.   The optional basic subscription is free but required to replay championship games.  VIP membership (25 … [More]

Dixon Elementary Go Club

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize

After nine weeks studying Go, practicing Go and solving problems, students at Dixon Elementary School finished up the 2011 Spring Semester with a knock-out tournament. Everyone who participated received a copy of The Way to Go and the top three players: 1st-Liam, 2nd-Brooklyn and 3rd-Emmett received a copy of … [More]