Welcome to the Santa Fe Go Club

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Coronavirus Updated 4/4/20

Violent Crown announced it is closed effective immediately (3/17). St John’s College is essentially closed (it’s complicated) but is also a venue we should no longer use.

We have created a Santa Fe Go Club Group on OGS. You can join the group at our usual meeting times after logging in via:

Groups > Search > {enter ‘Santa’} > {click on Santa Fe Go Club}.

See https://online-go.com/ to find out all you should need to know to play online at OGS. Our usual meeting times are 6 pm on Tuesdays and 1-6 pm on Saturdays.

Please stay safe during these difficult times.

If Go is new to you, see What Is Go – you could learn to play in 15-20 mins. There are many resources on the web for tutorials and background information, see Resources to the right. You can also play on line against other human players on the popular Go Servers. Though we’d rather you played at the club!