IGF Member States

igf_banner_ver_400x217The International Go Federation now boasts member countries all over the world; Africa has three, Oceania two, Asia 17, Europe 37 and the Americas 15, for a total of 74. While a precise count is tricky, the UN has 193 member states, and while much progress has been made, there is still much to do to support go all over the world.

For a longer discussion on how many countries there are in the world see Political Geography Now.

Favorite Videos

Recently, we’ve noticed a lot of quality activity in making Go accessible in a variety of video presentations, for a variety of purposes. Some that have caught our eye are shown below. They vary from the whimsical to the inspiring. Some are complete and some promote crowd funding projects.

As we discover more creative video works we will include them here. Let us know if you have a favorite.

Complete Videos

The Surrounding Game documentary trailer(2:20)


It’s hard to forget (1:28)


Master the Game – Play More Go! (1:05)


What is it about? – Play More Go! (2:00)


More Than a Game (2:10)


The Album Leaf – Within Dreams (6:36)


Go, The Mind Sport that Attracts the World-Korea Amateur Baduk Association (10:56)


European Women’s Goe Championship 2012 (0:54)


Nolan Bushnell at the 2012 International Go Symposium Keynote Address (39:16)

Moving Go from the Cultural Background to Center Stage

(See for more presentations from the Symposium) Note the sound level in this video is low.


Crowd Funding Projects

“Video Movie Trailer” (0:49)


Recent additions to our library

We have three new additions to our club library:

  • The Go Companion – Go in History and Culture – by John Fairbairn and T Mark Hall
  • Brilliance/Power – Jowa’s ‘Ghost Moves’ Destroy Intetsu/Honinbo Shusai Defends the Nihon Ki-in – also by John Fairbairn
  • Modern Masters Vol 1. – Michael Redmond 9 dan comments on Three Pro Games

As a Santa Fe Go Club member you can checkout these books on line via GoClubsOnline ( Not yet a member?  See for more info.

Our thanks go to one of our regular players for donating these books.