Game Analysis with Cooper

Cooper Mayne

Cooper Mayne at the demo board

Game Record

Robert & Stewart's Game after move 70

St. John’s student, Cooper Mayne (3.7d) engaged players last Saturday (8/18/10) with his analysis of a 3 stone handicap game played earlier between Robert (2.4k) and Stewart (5.0k). Cooper pointed out moves for black that could have built on a sense of direction of play. White made overplays and offered too many cut-points (that eventually led to a resignation by white at move 240). The analysis was watched by an audience of about 4-5 players from Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Players looking for an analysis of their moves can bring their game records to next week’s session, Saturday, 3-4pm. You can use our Game Recording Sheet or computer based records. In this case Robert had recorded the game using the KGS client on his laptop.

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