DeVargas Middle School Students: Decisions, Decisions

the presenters

Robert, Lisa and Doug with go equipment

It was Citizen Schools Apprenticeship Fair for over 70 DeVargas Middle School students last Tuesday (8/7). On offer was the chance to join The Magic of Go Course presented by members of the Santa Fe Go Club. Other options included the Science of Food, Math Tricks, Mariachi and Art.

Helping out was visiting AGA Regional Director, Lisa Scott who is making a whistle stop tour of Central Region Go Clubs and happened to be in town on the same day.

The 12 week program starts in earnest next Tuesday 8/14 and will culminate in a student tournament and a chance for them to teach others how to play.

Over seven sessions of six minutes each, groups of students were encouraged to join the course and ‘to learn step by step how to become capable players’, to get so good they could play in the tournament and perhaps win some prizes.

The Pitch

The Pitch

AGA = American Go Association

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