DeVargas Middle School Students: Decisions, Decisions

Robert, Lisa and Doug with go equipment

It was Citizen Schools Apprenticeship Fair for over 70 DeVargas Middle School students last Tuesday (8/7). On offer was the chance to join The Magic of Go Course presented by members of the Santa Fe Go Club. Other options included the Science of Food, Math Tricks, … [More]

Citizen Schools and Go

Doug and Robert have signed up to introduce middle schoolers on how to play Go as part of the local Citizen Schools program. In Santa Fe, DeVargas Middle School is participating this year. Along with Go there are perhaps 18 other ‘apprenticeships’ that students can sign-up for. With the promise of 12-15 … [More]

Beginner Lessons

Demand is rising for lessons to introduce players (of all ages) to Go! While our program is not yet formal, we are providing beginner lessons to some young players (around 6 yrs old) and their parents at most of our Saturday meetings (major holidays excluded) from 2pm to 3pm. If you are interested … [More]