Go for all at St. John’s

Our Beginner’s Class at St. John’s got a boost from visitors to the Japanese Cultural Festival.  Students ranging in age from 5-11 study a different aspect of Go each week.  Puzzle sheets, originally made available to the American Go Association by the British Go Association, give students an opportunity to try their skills.  Students complete … [More]

Game Analysis with Cooper

Cooper Mayne at the demo board

Robert & Stewart’s Game after move 70

St. John’s student, Cooper Mayne (3.7d) engaged players last Saturday (8/18) with his analysis of a 3 stone handicap game played earlier between Robert (2.4k) and Stewart (5.0k). Cooper pointed out moves for black that could have built on a … [More]

Strong Showing of Beginners

White must be careful

Yay! White captures 2 stones.

Stronger Players

Six children from ages 5-13 attended a Beginners Go Class at St. John’s Saturday (9/11). By practicing the First to Capture game, our students, almost all with no or little experience, began to get familiar with the equipment and some of the ways … [More]