Go for Students in Laguna, NM

Students at the St. Joseph Mission School in the village of San Fidel (nr Laguna) are learning to play Go.¬† The school located about 60 miles west of Albuquerque with an enrollment of 41 students, serves the community of San Fidel as well as the Pueblos of Acoma and Laguna. At present, … [More]

Dixon Elementary Go Club

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize

After nine weeks studying Go, practicing Go and solving problems, students at Dixon Elementary School finished up the 2011 Spring Semester with a knock-out tournament. Everyone who participated received a copy of The Way to Go and the top three players: 1st-Liam, 2nd-Brooklyn and 3rd-Emmett received¬†a copy of … [More]

Game Analysis with Cooper

Cooper Mayne at the demo board

Robert & Stewart’s Game after move 70

St. John’s student, Cooper Mayne (3.7d) engaged players last Saturday (8/18/10) with his analysis of a 3 stone handicap game played earlier between Robert (2.4k) and Stewart (5.0k). Cooper pointed out moves for black that could have built on a … [More]