AlphaGo Match Viewing Party

The AGA reports that Monday’s (US Time) face off between Ke Jie 9p and DeepMind’s updated AlphaGo software promises to be more than a long-awaited grudge match. Games and commentary will be streamed online. Games challenging AlphaGo will be played during the Future of Go Summit in Wuzhen, China.

Since the games are in Asia and … [More]

Tuesday Go Night Moves to Violet Crown

We now meet Tuesday nights from about 6pm onward at the Violet Crown cinema in Santa Fe. There is a wide selection of beer and wines available along with a tasty menu for supper and snacks.

Join us for friendly games and refreshments.

Rated Go Games in Albuquerque

Bob Gilman reports that a few of us here in Albuquerque will be getting together Saturday, January 14, 12:30 to 3:30 pm to play AGA rated games. We’ll be at the Juan Tabo branch of the Albuquerque public library. If any of you would like to join us then, you’d be very welcome.