Dixon Elementary Go Club

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize

After nine weeks studying Go, practicing Go and solving problems, students at Dixon Elementary School finished up the 2011 Spring Semester with a knock-out tournament. Everyone who participated received a copy of The Way to Go and the top three players: 1st-Liam, 2nd-Brooklyn and 3rd-Emmett received a copy of … [More]

‘Hikaru’ is now in our Club Library

Recently, we have been given a brand new set of the Hikaru no Go manga series, volumes 1-23.  These issues along with other publications in our club library are available to paid-up club members to borrow.  Since we have no adequate space to store these at the club (St. John’s) they are distributed among some … [More]

St. John’s Bookstore Go Books

If you are ready to study, the bookstore at St. John’s College carries a good selection of books in English and in Japanese. The folks at the bookstore have made available a list of their go materials for you to peruse. See Learn More.

The bookstore carries a few items of Go Equipment at … [More]